Ecological Risk Assessment

  1. Ecological risk assessment (ERA) is the process of evaluating risks to the environment from stressors such as contaminated soils, effluent, leachate, run-off, etc. In contrast with Human Health Risk Assessment, ERA focuses on protection of populations or communities, rather than individuals. A critical component of ERA is the identification of appropriate receptors or groups of receptors to be included in an assessment.

  2. NovaTox scientists have completed over a hundred ecological risk assessments ranging in size and complexity for clients in the private sector (often in support of Records of Site Condition) as well as various provincial and federal agencies. We have completed numerous assessments of federal properties on behalf of the federal government under the Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan (FCSAP).

Example Projects

  1. Cambria Rifle Range Detailed Quantitative Ecological Risk Assessment (PDF)

  2. Keewatin Small Craft Harbour Risk Assessment (PDF)

  3. RSC Risk Assessment for Mariner Estates Development (PDF)

  4. Birchwood Park Risk Assessment (PDF)

  5. Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment for Alexander Lake (PDF)

  6. Edmonton Airport Risk Assessment (PDF)

  7. St. Thomas Psychiatric Hospital Risk Assessment (PDF)

  8. Strathcona Mill Complex Biodiversity Risk Assessment (PDF)