Occupational Risk Assessment

  1. The practice of occupational risk assessment and industrial hygiene requires specialized training in exposure assessment, toxicology, physiology, and engineering principles to effectively anticipate, recognize, evaluate, and control the numerous chemical, biological and physical agents that may be present in the work environment. In addition, contemporary industrial hygiene includes maintaining the health and well being of the wider community and may encompass the investigation of effluents, fugitive emissions, odours, and community noise impacts that arise from the workplace. 

  2. NovaTox has staff formally trained in industrial hygiene, exposure assessment and/or human health toxicology. NovaTox staff have completed hundreds of exposure assessments evaluating noise, particulates (dust, mist, fumes, smoke), gases (carbon monoxide, ammonia, radon), solvents, petroleum hydrocarbons, reaction products, and degradation products for clients throughout the manufacturing, petrochemical, agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries. Our exposure assessment and applied toxicology expertise will also help solve your complex occupational health needs including dermal exposure studies and dermatological investigations, exposure scenario reconstruction, hazard assessments and toxicological evaluations, comprehensive exposure reviews as well as the establishment and maintenance of industrial hygiene programs.

Industrial Toxicology

  1. Industrial toxicology is a sub-discipline of toxicology with a primary focus on evaluating the human health effects posed by environmental stressors in the workplace.  As such, industrial toxicology requires an understanding of human physiology and pharmacokinetics, and an extensive knowledge of the manifestation of physiological symptoms that may be associated with exposures to chemical, physical and biological agents.  In addition, a solid background in process chemistry, industrial and manufacturing operations as well engineering controls is needed. NovaTox scientists provide this expertise with staff experienced in human toxicology and industrial hygiene. 

  2. NovaTox’s industrial toxicology services include:

  3. Expert opinions and legal support work

  4. Causal agent investigations associated with reported symptoms

  5. Toxicological profiling

  6. Hazard Assessments

  7. Interpretation of biological monitoring results and program development

  8. Workplace epidemiology

  9. Exposure standard development

  10. Toxicological support for Occupational Health Nurses and EH&S Professionals

  11. Toxicological review and authorship of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDSs)

  12. Development of Maximum Concentration Level Assessments (MCLA)