Human Health Risk Assessment

  1. NovaTox scientists are experienced at evaluating the toxicological properties of industrial chemicals, occupational and environmental agents, pesticides, products of biotechnology, food additives, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and consumer products (including cosmetics, household products, and packaging materials). Our toxicologists are proficient in assessing chemicals under multiple human health risk assessment paradigms. We have significant experience in understanding complex exposures and health and safety issues involving chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biological substances, and radionuclides.

  2. It is this backbone of expertise that has allowed us to specialize in providing risk assessment services to a variety of industrial and commercial clients, from Fortune 500 pharmaceutical firms to large multinational mining companies. Our experience allows us to identify creative solutions to the challenging problems that face our clients. NovaTox professionals are committed to building lasting and significant relationships with clients and are determined to assist them in addressing complex health and environmental challenges.

Example Projects

  1. DQRA for Warkworth Institution (PDF)

  2. DQRA for Hangar Line Complex, CFB Borden (PDF)

  3. RSC Risk Assessment for Ripley’s Aquarium (PDF)

  4. Grand Falls Armoury Risk Assessment (PDF)

  5. Small Craft Harbour Risk Assessments (PDF)

  6. RSC Risk Assessment for 200 Weber Street, Waterloo (PDF)