Environmental Services

  1. NovaTox scientists provide environmental impact assessment and ecological risk assessment services to a variety of sectors, including the mining and petrochemical industry, commercial and residential developers, municipal governments, and various provincial and federal agencies.

General Environmental Assessment Services

  1. Biological surveys, including vegetation, breeding bird surveys, wildlife inventories

  2. Species at Risk surveys

  3. Biodiversity assessment and evaluation of risks to biodiversity

  4. Environmental permitting

  5. Regulatory review and compliance support

  6. Sediment quality assessment

Mining, Petrochemical, Pulp & Paper Sectors

  1. Environmental Effects Monitoring (EEM)

  2. Waterbody impact assessment

  3. Site-specific effluent limit development

  4. Effluent monitoring and compliance reporting

  5. Biodiversity conservation and management plans

Commercial & Residential Development

  1. Stream, lake, and wetland delineation/assessment

  2. Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) for development